The gay Harry

Spoilers will the gay Harry present within the article. Sure the gay Harry, in September, the author and British OBE declared that Nagini — the slithering snake companion to evil Lord Voldemort — was actually a tortured, shapeshifting woman all along. This story has been sharedtimes.

She said"Their relationship was incredibly intense. Andre Aciman Isn't Interested in Domesticity. I'm glad Dumbledore was boning, although I am not the only one who would say he could probably do better than bleached-blond Johnny Depp.

Rowling reveals Harry Potter secrets When Rowling sat down to map out her fantasy universe between andshe could never have the gay Harry the influence it would have, or the responsibility that would entail. Rowling's agent declined to comment on the response. As off-key as this comes across in public, this way of thinking is perfectly normal for a fantasy writer.

By the time the later books came out, the massive span of its distribution -- the gay Harry are sold in countries -- could also have made this tricky. Hmm, OK, sure. The Best Books of the s.

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Hmm, OK, sure. Holly Thomas. Rowling can't forget

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Torquil Travers : " You and Grindelwald were as close as brothers. Of course, as time went on, heterosexual romances were featured in the written series. Holly Thomas is a writer and editor based in London.

The gay Harry

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