Story gay muscle gym

I waited until he entered the tanning booth, then quickly punched my employee card, resisted the urge to sniff the Story gay muscle gym and stuffed it into my duffel bag, and handed my stack of unprocessed application forms to the nightshift attendant. Inside the garage, Eric had just stepped off the scale.

Take me. How do I begin to describe this unparalleled delight? He was terrified of the scale, but eventually stepped on it. This just might be the thing. It gripped my tongue like some organic dildo, and for a moment I actually could Story gay muscle gym remove my tongue!

Story gay muscle gym

Soon it was at full mast, all nine and a half inches of it. David examined his body in the full-length mirror, finding the same small, muscleless body that Eric had left him with an Story gay muscle gym ago. I thought I was going to explode my load, but I managed to hold on. My hands ran up the back of his muscular legs to his tight ass.

David slumped to the floor, dizzy and exhausted, the room seeming to spin around him.

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Within moments, the decision was made, and not by David. Mike held this "tough guy" look and dared me to look away. Hot men, hot sex, and warm cum abound

Not a huge, glorious cumbath like he used to shoot, but a moderate stream of pearly seed. He was rewarded by a low groan of pleasure from the huge stud. Suddenly, my body tensed, then I shot my warm cum into him. I guessed he was in his early 20s.

He had short brown hair, dark eyes, and sharp features. We took turns licking the cum off each other's body.

Story gay muscle gym

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