Berlin opens Germany s first major gay refugee centre

An exhibition at Munich's Bavarian National Museum explores how the enduring and complex connection between canine and humankind has been reflected in art and culture from antiquity to today. Regardless of the work that organizations like the gay counseling center do to help protect and shelter LGBTI refugees, there are still many instances of violence reported.

Germany grants first visa to protect Chechen gays German authorities have approved the first visa for a gay Chechen to take shelter in Germany, following reports that police were torturing gays in the predominantly Muslim republic. Some groups participating in the Pride parade rather paid attention to great detail when it Berlin opens Germany s first major gay refugee centre to highlighting their various fetish interests.

While Germany's inclusion of the LGBTQ community is taken for granted people in other countries around the world still face varying degrees of persecution on account of their sexual orientation. The abuse usually came from fellow refugees, and sometimes from security staff and translators.

A ministry spokesman said attacks on gay or straight individuals would not be tolerated. In the U.

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Gay counseling center Berlin. It is easy to fall victim to the pitfalls of addiction and abuse in such settings when you're a newcomer. She's right.

This fear led him to head to Berlin on a tourist visa and quickly apply for asylum. The idea of a gay pride parade in Moscow is the complete opposite of that, she said, stressing that she's had to risk her wellbeing and even her life to take to the streets in defense of gay rights there.

Follow NBC News. He came to Germany in and had to move out of a Berlin shelter because of the hostility of fellow refugees.

Berlin opens Germany s first major gay refugee centre

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